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Cutting Edge Tech Cloaks Your Sites To Show Only MONETIZED Offers To Your Traffic … While Keeping Your Search Rankings Safe

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Watch this video to learn more..

Disclaimer: Cloaking always involves a degree of risk. EvoCloaker can help manage the risk but can never truly eliminate it. EvoCloaker is a precision tool used by large corporations and savvy marketers to get a competitive advantage and market aggressively. As powerful as this plugin is, you still face the risk of potential detection at some point.

Level The Playing Field And Monetize MORE Of Your Traffic

Next Level WordPress Technology Outsmarts
Search Engines & Paid Traffic Networks

Cloak 100% Of Your Website Traffic To Any URL Including Affiliate Links
Cloak Individual Pages / Posts To Show Any URL You Want.
Preserve Your Google Rankings While Showing Traffic Only Monetized Posts
Send Paid Traffic Directly To Affiliate Offers.

Hey it’s Chris from YT Evolution.

As a YouTube traffic and ranking specialist, I’ve learned a very expensive lesson:

Online traffic LEAKS.

What do I mean by that?

There’s a huge GAP between the number of visitors you get to your sites …
And the number of CLICKS on your paid offers.

You can put a lot of the blame on Facebook, Google and other ad networks.

They won’t let you run ads directly to affiliate or CPA offers …
And Google sure as hell won’t rank your paid offers as standalone posts.

Meet EvoCloaker – The Stealth Solution

The EvoCloaker plugin skyrockets your clicks by showing your site visitors
only your choice of monetized offers …

While showing Google, Facebook and ad networks your real website …

So you can maintain your organic traffic rankings AND platform compliance!

Here’s How:

The EvoCloaker plugin monitors over 70 millions IP’s so it knows who is visiting your website.  Ads networks won’t let you run ads directly to affiliate or CPA offers.. but now they’ll never know.  Because of the filtered IP’s, the ad networks will be shown your real website while all other visitors will be filtered through to your affiliate offer.

The PERFECT Partner For YT Evolution

Create DFY Niche Sites And Secretly Filter Traffic To ANY URL

Here’s a website I made using YT Evolution, in the CBD products niche.
Over 200 posts are indexed, ranking and getting FREE Google traffic.

With EvoCloaker running, all of this free traffic never gets distracted by the actual website …
instead people are taken directly to the affiliate offer!

This means you can make HIGHER commissions from the SAME traffic …
While preserving all your posts & site rankings in Google!

A POWERFUL Second Income Stream

Rank & Rent Pages For Others!

SEO specialists charge top dollar to create & rank websites, then rent them out to clients
for the free traffic.

Now you can do the same … without knowing a THING about SEO!

Just use YT Evolution to create a local website and start getting the posts indexed in Google …
Then use EvoCloaker to filter traffic from every post to a different URL.
So you can earn from multiple clients … from a single website.

Many people make 6+ figures JUST by ranking & renting sites for clients …
Because you’re solving their #1 problem – TRAFFIC – people gladly pay top dollar.

With your current YT Evolution license and EvoCloaker, the process is 99% automated for you!

Multiply Your Affiliate Commissions
In Any Niche

From Scratch Even With No Experience

Here’s a strategy I used to make over $50,000 last year in affiliate commissions:

Best part? Since my traffic never sees the actual website…

I don’t even have to worry about logos, fancy banners or extra content!

EvoCloaker is Perfect For

Affiliate Marketing

Maximize free organic traffic AND conversions at the same time

Local Marketing

Rank & rent posts and pages to a variety of clients for monthly recurring income

Mass Marketing

Literally dominate ANY niche as an affiliate with one DFY website and EvoCloaker

CPA Marketing

Skyrocket conversions by filtering traffic by country to specific offers

Hurry: This Is An Extremely Limited Offer

I’m committed to providing premium support to all EvoCloaker license holders, so I am strictly limiting access.

This is your chance to:

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